Our world needs meaningful collaboration more than ever, but as gatherings have moved online the available spaces are narrowing the culture of our meetings and restricting the opportunity for connection.

Our beliefs

Collaboration amongst us humans in the Anthropocene is no longer just a nice to have.

We require our digital meeting spaces to be inclusive, imaginative and incisive... where spontaneity, emergence and sense of belonging in a shared space are enabled.

Our Purpose

Tula exists to re-imagine digital convening to advance conversation, collaboration and connection.

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Our design principles optimise video/hybrid meetings for group participation to make hosting easier and attending meaningful.

Our work empowers the world to create an intentional space to connect, ensuring every participant has access to the best meeting approaches.


The Team

Founded by democratic technology pioneers.


Adam is the founder of Tula and Tula.town ltd. He is an impact entrepreneur and ambassador for the World Peace Tartan. He has dedicated his career to creating better and more meaningful ways for humans to learn and govern. Described as a 'connoisseur of meetings' by Parabol's CEO Jordan Husney, Adam is focused on increasing the health of our conversations within an internet-enabled society.